Exploding like a stink bomb in a soccer mom's minivan, the GRUMPY OLD PUNKS are here to reclaim the guttural sounds of punk rock for the now grown up generation that originally created them with songs of lawn mowing, mortgage payments, lost glasses, nose hair trimming and prostate problems.

"What the hell does an eighteen year old know about anger or angst," barks lead singer/lyricist LouB. "They live at home and have nothing worse to sweat then term papers or the occasional STD. True punk rock wrath can best be musically manifested by those who know the mundane, commonplace horrors of the real world: Balding, paunchy, frustrated, middle age guys."

GRUMPY OLD PUNKS take the pressure cooker of everyday, middle age life in America and turn it into short, funny, punk rock nuggets. "Our songs are like our shows," snaps guitarist KRoy, "Very short. We're old and closer to death. We don't have a lot of time. We've gotta do this fast."

Regarding his lyrical subjects LouB says, "How many times have you listened to a song by a guy in his 40's or 50's and heard words written from the perspective of a lovelorn sixteen year old? It's unnatural and fake. There's a whole generation of people who grew up on punk rock whose lives are now an endless tunnel of bills, empty toilet paper rolls and driving their kids from place to place. Punk rock is a perfect musical outlet for subject matter like this."

The band is made up of LouB on vocals, KRoy on guitars, Brian on bass and Guzda on drums. Three of the members (LouB, KRoy and Guzda) trace their friendship back to grade school in Manalapan, New Jersey and the music scene in their high school. "We were in bands together back then and went on to other musical endeavors in life. We grew up seeing Ramones, The Clash, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers and others. Now that those bands are all dead we figured we better get back together to play before our brains and bodies grow too feeble as well," said LouB as he massaged his sore feet.

Their self-titled debut album GRUMPY OLD PUNKS as well as their latest opus "Anarchy in the Prostate" were produced by the band and mixed by Mike Landolt at Mike's Curry House Studio in Columbus, Ohio. The lyrics are by LouB. Music by KRoy with the other band members.

"We plan on hitting the road with Green Day, buying a lot of Viagra so our wives will pay attention to us again and using the money from our corporate sponsorships to pay for our kids' college educations," said KRoy. "However, we've never had any contact with Green Day, we don't have any corporate sponsorships and our wives are currently cruising with the MILF Patrol."

Finally, LouB sums up the bands attitude by saying, "It's never too late to start a band. It's never too late to grab your friends, dust off your amp and head out to your garage to start banging away at some songs. As long as you got some life in you and something to rail against then you can still make punk rock music no matter how old you are."

Punk's past is now its future moving from a future past into a past-based future. And it's pissed off. It is the GRUMPY OLD PUNKS.